We’re all lucky to have that one person in life that loves to create in the kitchen

Not only do we get to enjoy their amazing creations, but it’s always a thrill to find gifts for cooks. No chef ever truly has everything they need—kitchen gift ideas are simply endless.

You can take a variety of routes: choose a selection of personalized cooking tools, baking tins or wearable accessories to make meal prep even easier. Pick out some decor for the kitchen that matches their kitchen color scheme. Even concoct your own food gifts, like infused salts and spices, that they can use to liven up their dishes. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas, birthday, graduation or even just a small gift just because, below you’ll find a list of 45 personalized gift ideas for cooks that will inspire their next recipe.
1. Kitchen Mat
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A padded kitchen mat will keep them comfortable during long stretches of cooking in the kitchen. Plus, it offers a fun splash of decor that you can personalize to their taste.
2. Grill Accessories
When summer comes around, the resident grill master will be ready to go with a new set of grilling tools. A fresh collection will inspire them to experiment over the open flame.
3. Wooden Tool Set
Source: Easy Peasy Creative

Add your own design to a set of wooden spoons, spatulas and forks along with a loving message right in the center. Package it all together with a big fabric ribbon and gift with a new recipe book.
4. Grating Kit
Who knew there were so many ways to grate things? From cheese to fresh spices and garlic, a collection of various graters will give them the perfect end result they’re looking for.
5. Pantry Labels
Source: Anderson and Grant

Your favorite home chef can keep everything organized in their panty with these handmade pantry labels. Pair with personalized glass jars with their monograms. They can even be changed out seasonally for a fresh look.
6. Spice Collection
Source: Refresh Living

Show off a collection of fresh spices and dried herbs in repurposed test tubes. Set them inside a butcher-block spice holder and accent each test tube with a copper lid.
7. Whisking Apron
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Give your sister a laugh with this playful and personalized apron idea. Add her name below the chef-focused phrase and wrap it up with a new cookbook or baking pan.
8. Reusable Straws
Reusable straws are popular these days and are only going to stick around. From metal and glass to silicone, there are many varieties, sizes and colors out there. Gift them a set of different kinds so they can find their favorites.
9. Cooking Class
While they probably already know their way around a kitchen, a class to learn a new skill or dish will certainly be a favorite. They’ll love learning something to take home to their own kitchen.
10. Customized Cookies
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Does your husband love to bake? Add a custom phrase to the front of a large cookie jar as a personalized gift for him. Fill it with a new recipe for cookies that he’ll love to try out.
11. Meal Prep Frame
Source: A Little Craft in Your Day

Place a rustic frame around a small chalkboard to simplify meal prep for the avid chef in your life. Add a letter for each day of the week and include a set of colorful chalk to write out their ideas for the week.
12. Cooking Encyclopeodia
They probably have every cookbook they could ever want. When it comes to the science of cooking and baking, a general reference guide will be an invaluable tool. Whenever they need to find something specific or just learn something new, it’ll be right at their fingertips.
13. S’Mores Set
Source: Amber Burrahm

If you’re heading to a summer or fall cookout around the firepit, pair together with a set of glass jars, wooden labels and all the ingredients for a night of gooey s’mores around the fire.
14. Meal Planning Clipboard
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A classic clipboard provides a great place for keeping track of meal planning, weekly menus or recipes. In various patterns and decor, you can coordinate to match their kitchen. It’s a useful tool they never knew they needed!
15. Matcha Kit
Move over, coffee. Matcha is green tea powder that’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants. A traditional set comes with matcha, a wooden whisk and a bowl. Gift them the full set to revamp their morning routine.
16. Butter Holder
Butter is great cold, but room temperature is ideal for spreading on toast, freshly baked bread or biscuits. A decorative butter holder for their counter will add some flair to their cooking space and keep butter ready for anything.
17. Monogrammed Tote
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Every baker will love this cotton tote bag, perfect for running to the store to gather fresh ingredients for their next bake. Personalize it with pictures of their family or a fun phrase that showcases their love of the kitchen.
18. Recipe Organizer
Source: Dream Green DIY

Transform an old Rolodex into an easy handwritten recipe organizer. This makes an excellent gift for mom if she just retired and loves to cook!
19. Magazine Subscription
Culinary magazines are great sources for finding new recipes and keeping up with the ever-changing food world. If they have a favorite, renew their subscription, or gift them another so they can expand their cooking horizons.
20. Local Honey
There’s nothing like the taste of high-quality local honey. Many varieties have flavor variations season over season based on location of the bees and weather, so year after year you’re bound to find unique items.
21. Snap Lid Storage Containers
A collection of glass storage containers with snap lids is classic and durable. They’ll appreciate having them for whatever they need, from storing dry ingredients to soup. The snap lids help seal them tightly and prevent spills.
22. Picnic Set
Source: Amber Burrahm

Give the chef in your family a day off by taking them out for a picnic. Design a set of picnic plates with a calming message and pair with a picnic basket full of goodies.
23. Homemade Containers
Source: Design Eat Repeat

Looking for a small gift or party favor? Fill paper cups with apple chips or another healthy snack and print out apple-inspired paper lids with double-sided tape to secure.
24. Knife Sharpener
A classic tool that never goes out of style is a knife sharpener. From electric and manual to stones, they’ll appreciate always having their best tools sharp and ready to go for whatever they’re making that day.
25. Set Of Spices
Source: The Handyman’s Daughter

This miniature spice kit is perfect for a new chef moving to their first apartment. Store each colorful spice in a test tube and close up with mini corks.
26. Spoon Recipe Holders
Source: Muslin and Merlot

Bend an antique spoon to turn it into a crafty recipe card holder. Add a bit of hot glue to the inside of the spoon to balance the holder with the card. Pair with a collection of decorated notecards for writing recipes.
27. Oils And Vinegars
A collection of high-quality oils and vinegars will keep their pantry ready for any dish. From dipping fresh bread to crafting a new salad dressing, they’ll appreciate having a variety of flavors at their fingertips.
28. Kombucha Kit
Kombucha is a delicious trend that’s swept social media, but have they ever made their own? A kit to get started will help them craft their own unique flavors and learn some new fermentation tricks.
29. Slow Cooker
While it’s a basic tool for many, a slow cooker is an essential for any kitchen. They come in various sizes, so if their kitchen is tiny, you can get them the perfect size for their space. Plus, many come in various patterns and colors.
30. Cutting Board
Source: Shutterfly

A custom wooden cutting board has more uses than just cutting veggies. They can use it for entertaining to serve their charcuterie or display it as part of their kitchen decor when not being used for food.
31. Vanilla Sugar
Source: Sheri Silver

Infused sugars make a lovely gift for cooks and bakers alike. Add several fresh vanilla beans to a jar of granulated sugar and mark with a homemade label. Include ideas for using the sugar in coffee, baked goods or marinades.
32. Specialty Chocolate
For the cook who loves to bake, a high-quality specialty chocolate will take their brownies from good to amazing. Many local artisans have specialty batches, so a collection from a spot around town will give their confections a special twist.
33. Home Bar
A home bar is essential for any kitchen connoiseur. Gift with a collection of basic liquors and wines, plus a few different varieties. Paired with a mixology book, they’ll be whipping up specialty cocktails in no time.
34. Mixology
Their next dinner party will be a hit when they’re chef and bar master. A mixology book or class will teach them some unique tricks of the trade to step up their cocktail game. They’ll learn everything from techniques to liqueurs and bitters.
35. Copper Mugs
Copper mugs are ideal for winter beverages and specialty cocktails, like mules. A set will add a bit of shine to their bar and expand their collection of drinkware. It may give them the inspiration they need to try out a new mixed drink.
36. Stemmed Glassware Holder
No bar is complete without proper glassware storage. A stemmed glassware holder will keep their delicate pieces safe and away from dust. Plus, it gives a unique look to their kitchen decor.
37. DIY BBQ Rub
Source: Delia Creates

If you need a great gift for dad this summer, combine a flavorful collection of spices to up his barbecue game. Tie with a leather cord and include a personalized gift tag.
38. Sous Vide Kit
The sous vide method may seem intimidating, but it’s way easier when you have the right tools and direction. A basic kit with beginner instructions will help them step up their game in the kitchen and tap into new skills.
39. Cheese Making Kit
They’re probably already experts at cooking with cheese—or just eating it—but when it comes to making your own, that’s a whole different ballpark. A book with the basics that they’ll need to craft that perfect dairy delight.
40. Salad Spoons
Source: A Little Craft in Your Day

Use a woodburning tool to etch fun phrases into two large spoons perfect for serving up a fresh salad. Paint the ends of the handles in bright complementary colors.
41. Air Purifier
It may sound odd, but an air purifier is a great tool to have close to the kitchen, especially if they spend their days cooking with aromatics and spieces. It can help rid the space of any residual smells. If they live in a small apartment, their neighbors will thank them!
42. Pizza Stone
Say goodbye to frozen pizzas and delivery for good! A pizza stone will give them the best tool they need to make gourmet pizza in their own kitchen. Pair with a high quality olive oil and sauce.
43. Masterclass Subscription
If they aren’t excited about attending a class in person, there are many online classes they can register for. This is a great way to find something specific they want to learn about or would be interested in. This is especially good if it’s a niche topic that’s hard to find classes for.
44. Reusable Veggie Bags
Source: Oh Oh Deco

Cut down on daily single-use plastics by creating and gifting these reusable produce bags. Connect two rectangles of tulle with colorful thread and a drawstring top.
45. High Power Blender
A regular blender is fine, but a high powered one means the difference between goodness and greatness. Their smoothies and sauces will reach a new level of they never thought was achieveable before.

There’s nothing quite like the gift of a home-cooked meal. Surprise the chef in your life by cooking for them at your next gathering and surprise them with a personalized gift that they keep by the oven for years to come.

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