Top 20 Lazy Susan Organizers For Your Home

Do you call them Lazy Susan’s? Or turntables? What about a revolving tray? Well all of these terms describes one of my favorite organizing tool! It is a round, movable tray that you can use to make your cabinets and under cabinets more organized! I am breaking down my top 20 Lazy Susan organizers for your home. Now, I personally go with Lazy Susan but you can call them whatever you want!

pro organizer holding multiple lazy Susan organizer turntable

Turntable with Handles

The first of the turntables is one with handles. I like this one for cabinets that are lower. It makes turning the tray easier with the handles and the lip keeps things from wobbling on the tray.

Small Divided Lazy Susan Organizer

This Lazy Susan organizer is great for kids’ art supplies or your office desk supplies! I love keeping this on a counter to make getting your supplies easy.

Large Divided Lazy Susan

The large Lazy Susan organizer  is great for under sinks. Because they are divided, they work well for holding lots of different bathroom items that may need to be stored under the sink.

Extra Large Turntable

I use these under kitchen sinks all the time. Since they are so large, they hold a lot of cleaning supplies. Just make sure you can swivel the Lazy Susan with the pipes.

Marble Spin Tray

I love this decorative spin tray. Keep it on your counter to hold cooking oils!

Wood Spin Tray

Again great decorative spin tray. You can use this on the counter or on the table to hold items many family members may need to grab.

Bamboo Turntable

I love bamboo, so this turntable is amazing. It is great for being out on the counter or in a cabinet.

Small Turntable

I use this small turntable inside our fridge for holding our condiments. Nothing gets lost in the back when you can spin to find the condiment you need.

Cabinet Turntable For L-Shaped Cabinet

If you have a cabinet that is L-shpaed, this turntable is perfect for giving you more space in the back without worrying things will get lost.

Cabinet Turntable For Diagonal Cabinet

Another great option for a corner cabinet that is cut at a diagonal. 

Non-Skid Turntable

I love using non-skid turntables for holding cooking oils. You don’t have to worry about the glass bottles breaking when you turn.

Stainless Steel Turntable

This is a great turntable for displaying on your counter on in your cabinets.

Marble and Wood Lazy Susan Organizer

I love this marble and wood Lazy Susan for display. You can add food to this tray or have it out on your counter to hold your everyday cooking items.

2-Tiered Turntable Clear

This turntable has 2 levels, making it perfect for holding spices or cooking oils in a tall cabinet.

2-Tiered Turnable White

This Lazy Susan organizer is also a great option for holding spices and cooking oils in a cabinet.

Tall Turntable

I love this tall turntable for storing hair dryers and curling irons under the bathroom sink.

Plastic Lazy Susan Organizer

Using Lazy Susans with sides helps keep the items on the turntable from sliding around. Which is why this is a great option to add to your cabinet to store things.

Turntable Without Sides

If you do use a turntable without sides, make sure that your items that spin are fine while spinning. I like these types of turntables for canned goods.

Lazy Susan With Low Sides

Another great option to use when storing canned goods or jars with these Lazy Susan organizers with low sides.

Craft Holder Turntable

This is a great product to hold craft supplies in a cabinet.


As you can see, there are so many options for using turntables, Lazy Susans or spin trays! No matter what you call them, they are super handy to keeping your home organized! Want more tips and tricks to organize with Lazy Susan organizers? Check out the posts below:

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