Recently, leading home goods store Bed Bath & Beyond announced that it plans to shutter 60 of its retail locations following the 2019 holiday shopping season

This figure marks a 50 percent increase from earlier this year, when the company estimated that it would close 40 stores. Bed Bath & Beyond isn’t alone in scaling back operations either, when popular home goods Pier 1 Imports announced in June that it would close nearly as many locations.

With these big-name home good brands shuttering stores all over the U.S., you might be worried that your favorite location for a new saucepan, bathroom organizer, or home decorations might be going away for good. No need to worry – there are still plenty of other great locations for home goods. Here are five of the most popular ones.
Just because you’re operating on a slimmer budget doesn’t mean you want boring, low-quality home goods. IKEA solves that problem. Every college student or low-budget home goods shopper’s one-stop-shop, IKEA offers items including furniture, home decor, kitchenware, and more at affordable prices. Many of its best home goods are multi-functional, meaning that you can easily kill two home goods birds with one stone by shopping IKEA.
2. The Container Store
If you’re looking exclusively in the organization realm of home goods, look no further – The Container Store is named as such for a reason. The company’s many stores across the country are massive labyrinths of storage organizers you might not have even known existed before stepping inside. Whether you’re on the hunt for classic under-bed storage or trying to get the most from your limited kitchen counter space, you’ll likely find just what you need here.
3.  Anthropologie
Though perhaps best known as a clothing brand, Anthropologie isn’t slacking when it comes to home goods. Its bedding, wall art, and hardware options are all made from top-quality materials, and their home goods’ aesthetic is just as distinct as their vivid, distinct women’s clothing offerings. Shopping for home goods at Anthropologie is more than a functionality choice – it’s a fashion statement.
4. The Home Depot
If you’re focusing your home goods shopping more on home improvement than on decoration, The Home Depot might just be your best bet. Among home goods stores, the brand offers some of the best prices on the market whether you’re trying to find the perfect new shower head or nab the world’s most reliable power drill. None of this is to say that The Home Depot is a complete miss for decorative purposes – its flooring and area rug choices hold a candle to its many competitors.
5. West Elm
If you’re working on a somewhat bigger budget, the Williams-Sonoma-owned brand West Elm is certain to please. Its couches, bed frames, and dining room tables share a minimalist, wood-heavy approach, and the colors of its various collections tend to fluctuate with the season. You might just find something different every time you walk in.

What are your favorite home goods stores? Sound off in the comments!

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