Organization and planning products for school and a pillow by request

A lot of you got and loved the little silicon face scrubbers we featured last week, we’ve had several positive reviews of those. I got the L’oreal Sublime Bronze self-tanning water mousse and I really like it. I’ve never tried a self tanner before and this was easy to apply (I used gloves) and looked natural on my very white legs! I only did one coat and am so happy with the results a day later. I will reapply it every few days. It didn’t streak or dye my kneecaps either. Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at.

A comfortable pillow for side and back sleepers

From CB: I sleep on both a wedge pillow and a memory foam pillow, I’ve featured both here before and those are the exact pillows I have. In our last Amazon post, Megs and trufflefries asked for pillows for side sleepers. This contour memory foam pillow by Epabo has over 5,600 ratings, 4.2 stars and the same ReviewMeta rating. A side sleeper calls it the “best pillow to relieve neck pain” and writes that “This pillow is AMAZING. I’m able to sleep on my side comfortably. The first night I used it, I slept through the night for the first time in I don’t know how long and woke up with zero neck pain.” Other users write “the shaping in the middle is very comfortable and my neck gets a lot of relief from this product,” and “The pillow has helped my stiff neck a lot. This is the best pillow I’ve tried so far.” It is said to be firm, so you’ll want to keep that in mind. It also comes with a pillowcase.

We also got asked for a silk pillowcase! Here’s one I found in January (full post here) which has the highest legitimate rating among all the silk pillowcases I looked through.

Hair taffy for an effortlessly texturized look

From CB: I’m always looking for new styling products and this texturizing taffy by Kenra is supposed to be incredible. It has over 2,000 ratings, 4.6 stars and the same Reviewmeta rating. Women say it’s great at styling thinner hair, that you only need a little bit and that it holds all day while remaining soft. It smells like berries but the smell is supposed to fade quickly. They write “it holds softly so no helmet head,” “it just takes a tiny amount to give fine hair the body it needs,” “smells good and you need very little product” and “it gives me body and volume for at least 2 days before I wash my hair again.”

An organic brightening glowing serum with argan oil, pumpkin and cranberry

From CB: I have the Acure brightening scrub and use it about twice a week. (I use it in the shower because it’s black and it rinses away better there.) Oya uses the Acure whipped night cream and loves it. I found this glowing serum by Acure that has great reviews and is affordable at under $13 for an ounce. It has 963 ratings, 4.3 stars and a B on Fakespot (the ReviewMeta rating was outdated but it removes 0% stars). Users say it’s safe for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin and that it gently hydrates and brightens. “I was getting small dry scaly patches on my face during the winter and this cleared up the patches. I love how it feels and smells, not oily at all and does not clog my pores,” “I put this on under my moisturizer and my face stays hydrated all through the night and I wake up with the softest skin!” and “It seriously does make your skin glowing, especially if you put this on shortly after your shower.”

A desk organizer to tidy up and sort papers

From CB: I own this bamboo desk organizer for pencils, pens and little items but I need something to better organize my papers. Magdalen asked in our last Amazon post for desk accessories. This bestselling desk organizer by Amazon basics can help corral your papers and mail. It has six vertical slots for organization and two drawers. It has almost 3,000 ratings and 4.7 stars on ReviewMeta. There’s also a drawer organizer in this same listing. Reviewers write that this is “pretty sturdy and the right size for my desk,” “doesn’t take up much space and holds a ton of papers and files. Sturdy and looks good too.”

An 8 in 1 kitchen tool so you’ll never be hunting for stuff

From Hecate: I saw this clever thing over the weekend and was quite captivated by it. This wine bottle-looking contraption houses eight different kitchen devices in one: a funnel, a measuring cup, a juicer, an egg dicer, an egg separator, a spice grater, a cheese grater and a band to help open jars. I really liked the look of it and thought it was such an efficient way to store that many gadgets in one well-designed product. Think of the drawer space you’d save! Those with established kitchens likely have many of these gadgets already but for a student or someone setting up a home it would make a great gift. Each tool is plastic so don’t expect top-of-the-line products, but it would be a real godsend if you are short on cash after a move. This received 189 ratings and 4.1 stars. One college student said it was perfect for her first venture away from home, “I would say it’s more than worth it if you don’t have a majority of the tools, which I didn’t, because I’m in college.” I know two college students who just moved in and I was wondering what to send them – done! Another commented on how it does what it says it does, “It works great and looks great on my counter.” One warning, it only stores altogether when upright. It separates if you lay it on its side.

Cute elevated cat food dishes that will help with digestion

From Hecate: Since I cannot have a cat, I am straight up lurking on cat sites to get my cat fix. I saw someone talking about how much a raised food dish helped their Siamese (named Tumbo, btw). I’ve heard that raising the food dish is ergonomically better for your pet, but I did not know why. Apparently it’s a big help in preventing vomiting.These dishes are very well priced and I thought they were stylish. They are plastic, which those of us who have broken expensive porcelain kitty dishes because we accidentally kicked them as we walked past them will appreciate it. They are also dishwasher safe. These have 4,000 ratings and 4.5 stars on ReviewMeta. One reviewer said they were just the right height and shape for the comfort of your Mr. Puss-Puss, “These dishes are a great height for the cats to feed from & also oval shaped to give room for their whiskers not to be hampered when eating.” And since this is all for the benefit of our little fur-babes, another commenter said her princess gave it two paws up, “Her Highness is happy with her food bowls, and I’m happy that they’ve actually seemed to make a difference.”

Academic planners to help your Distant Learner student stay on track

From Hecate: We discussed planners last week (I got the Legend Planner for myself – I love it so far. I’ll report more when I’ve used it awhile.) Since schools across the country are starting back, many online, I picked two of these up for my kids to help them keep focused. We had some real struggles with virtual learning during the last school year due to everyone being taken by storm. The schools have worked all summer on getting a more fluid process and we spent our summer targeting what worked and didn’t for us. In my household our answers are: checklist, checklist, checklist. That’s why these appeal to me so much. In addition to a bunch of useful information pages for every subject, the calendar grids are laid out to accommodate each class/period. Plus there is a lot of room for notes and upcoming due dates. I liked this planner because it’s a nice size that will fit well in a backpack when that time comes. They come in six colors and earned 4.7 stars out of 135 ratings. One commenter said it works just as well for educators as it does students, “My work takes me to varied grades and classes, this planner gives me everything I need to keep in step with my students and not miss a beat with assignments and homework (even if they do),” while another said it was great for an at-home situation, “We online school my sons loves having his own agenda to use.”

Flexible file folders for easy organizing

From Hecate: On the note of organizing for school, I need to become much more proactive about keeping my kids on track. I waited until far too late last time and had no idea the sheer volume of communication they were getting from each teacher. So this semester I have attended all the online tutorials/trainings for each of the online programs and classrooms, I have the virtual bell schedule tacked to my corkboard and I have combed through all the emails to know how many assignments to expect per day. But, as I said, the information is voluminous, so I am printing out important information and keeping my own files on each class. That’s where these guys come in. I have one for each kid. Plus, I thought these were really cute. They come in nine colors and have a snap to hold everything in. They’re flexible enough to put in a purse or bag if you need to travel. They have over 3,000 ratings and 4.4 stars on ReviewMeta. Commenters said they held up over time, “After 4 months of continuous use, it held up really well! It held everything that I needed and it was always by my side, it actually still looks somewhat new and still usable,” while another reviewer said it wasn’t just perfect for school, but for household business as well, “There are just the right amount of tabs for our birth certificates, passports, social security cards, car titles, will, degrees, etc. this folder is small enough that you can lock it in a home safe or safety deposit box.”

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