New House Kitchen Reveal

When we bought our house back in March, it had a couple of major things we knew we'd want to renovate. You can see our bathroom progress in this post, but today I'm showing you our kitchen! I knew I wanted the cabinets to be white, so we picked the same white as our trim color so it would all blend seamlessly. This is the only project we hired out, as I wanted it to look REALLY good and didn't feel confident we could do a good job ourselves. The painter did a great job and it drastically changed the look of our kitchen. I love it so much more now! 
I don't love the countertop (cement with a shiny seal on it...had they left off the seal I probably would like it a lot more) and I don't love that the backsplash was grouted in dark grout (I would have done white or a light greige, but it's not worth it to change at this point...), but sometimes we have to make financial decisions instead of design decisions. Ha! I know we won't be here for more than a couple of years and neither of these things are really offensive, so they'll stay! Painting the cabinets made a huge difference I think everyone will really like.
The other thing we did was take out some of the open shelving on the left side of the kitchen sink and replace it with upper cabinets. There were just SO many open shelves (not my style to begin with, but again! Can't change it all), I didn't know where I'd put my bowls and plates. We added two cabinets there and it makes a huge difference in storage and I like how it looks much, much better. What do you think?!
BEFORE: (try to ignore the weird bulkhead above the cabinets...we're not sure why it's there, but aren't planning to do anything about it since this isn't our "forever home")
AFTER: (even the bulkhead is a little less noticeable now)

If I had it my way, I wouldn't have open shelving because I'm just not a huge fan of it. It seems so cluttered to me, but I tried to decorate them pretty simply.
 water mister / recipe box

Adding pulls or knobs to your cabinets is one way to really make a big difference in your kitchen. Even if you can't paint the cabinets, adding hardware is both practical and makes it look much more elevated. I love our pulls from Rejuvenation. I decided on all pulls because they are easier to handle usually! This is the ORB finish.
Another huge update is our lighting in the kitchen. We got this one from Hudson Valley Lighting and are so happy with it. The house was built in the 60's so it has some vintage touches to it, which I wanted to bring out. This milk glass light is so charming-- I'm so happy with it! We put it in the front and back entry of the house, too. If you scroll up you can see the original light which was much too small for the kitchen. The color of the base ties right in with the color of our dining chandelier and our hardware on the cabinets.
I can't wait to show you all of our lighting which we partnered with Hudson Valley Lighting for. It's amazing what it does for the house!

Kitchen rug 

What do you think of the updates?! Thanks for following along with our house reno projects here!! It means so much to me that you keep up with my life and want to see the updates to our first house!

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