Looking for the best kitchen apartment ideas to make your kitchen come to life? Here are all my favorite kitchen apartment ideas and decor.

Decorating a kitchen can sometimes be a little difficult and a lot of times is left out completely when planning your decor. But, I have found that the cuter my kitchen is, the more I want to use it. If you feel this way too, you are definitely excited to decorate your kitchen but may need some inspiration on how!

I put together my absolute favorite kitchen decor and ideas to give you all the inspiration you need to decorate your apartment kitchen this year. 

This post is all about kitchen apartment ideas.
TABLE OF CONTENTS: BEST COLLEGE APARTMENT KITCHEN DECOR: BEST COLLEGE APARTMENT KITCHEN IDEAS: BEST COLLEGE APARTMENT KITCHEN DECOR: 1. Marble And Gold Salt And Pepper Shakers Buy on Williams Sonoma If you keep up with me at all, you know how much I love my gold decor. So, you know I couldn't say no to these gold and marble salt shakers. I mean, how cute?!
Salt shakers are an every day kitchen essential you will probably have sitting out on your counter so you may as well pick out cute ones to add to your decor!
2. Wooden Serving Tray Buy on Target Serving trays are my all time favorite ways to decorate a kitchen. They keep everything in one place and create a centerpiece on any kitchen counter.
Decorate your serving tray with cute kitchen utensils, plants, salt and pepper shakers, or any other decor you like!
3. Three Tier Tray Buy on Target Three tier trays make great centerpieces on your kitchen counter but are also great for holding produce, desserts, or any other food you want on your counter. 
This black galvanized metal tray from Target is one of my favorites right now and I think it would look good on any apartment kitchen counter.
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CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE! 4. Kitchen Towels Buy on Target Hand towels are necessities for apartment kitchens but also serve as super cute decor. You can choose any that you like but I know Target has some really cute ones that are fairly inexpensive.
5. Utensil Holder Buy on CB2 Kitchen apartment drawers fill up fast so you may want to keep your utensils on your counter to save space. Plus, keeping your kitchen utensils in a holder on your counter will allow easy access when cooking. 
CB2 has a ton of cute kitchen decor that won't break the budget. You can also check Amazon, HomeGoods, or any other home stores for cute utensil holders!
6. Gold Kitchen Utensils Buy on Walmart You are going to be cooking with them so you may as well make your utensils cute! I love this set from Walmart and it will take your kitchen essentials and turn them into super pretty decor for your counter. 
{RELATED POST: Kitchen Decorating Ideas | How To Style Your Kitchen Stove} 7. Kitchen Runner Buy on Rugs USA To make your kitchen apartment feel a little more homey, add a runner to your floors. This will make your kitchen feel more cozy and also prevent slipping when moving around your kitchen. 
If you have a larger kitchen you may want a bigger size then a runner so just make sure to measure your space beforehand!
8. Kitchen Canister Set Buy on Wayfair I love storing my frequently used kitchen essentials or supplies in canisters to keep on my counter for easy access. Storing your things in canisters will make your kitchen counter look much less cluttered while also adding simple decor to your kitchen.
9. Gold Glass Canister Set Buy on Target These glass canisters with gold lids are another one of my favorite kitchen apartment ideas that look good in every kitchen. These are great to have out on your counter to put candy or snacks in or even in your pantry to store other food.
You really can't go wrong with using canister sets as decor in your kitchen!
10. Simple Wall Decor Buy on Etsy Many kitchens don't have much wall space so you won't need to worry too much about wall decor. But, if you have that one blank wall that is just driving your crazy, these simple spice prints from Etsy are a super cute way to fill your wall!
Buy these prints and frame them to create a cooking themed collage that isn't super in your face.
11. Placemats Buy on Target Placemats are the easiest way to set up a dining area on either your counter or dining table. These placemats from Target are so cute and can be easily thrown in the wash if the get dirty. Pair them with some pretty dishes and napkins to create an eating area that looks super put together.
BEST COLLEGE APARTMENT KITCHEN IDEAS: 1. Kitchen Counter Decor Recreate this kitchen apartment idea:

Like I said before, serving trays are my absolute favorite way to decorate a kitchen and keep your cooking supplies organized. This picture is the perfect example of how to do that! Find a serving tray you like and fill it with plants, cooking utensils, shakers, butter dishes, etc.
2. Sink Dish Organizer Recreate this kitchen apartment idea:

No one likes dirty dishes sitting in the sink or having to leave clean dishes out on the counter to dry. Buy a sink dish organizer to place all your clean dishes on to dry after you wash them. This is a cute kitchen product that may even make your roommate/partner want to do the dishes .
3. Wall Basket Recreate this kitchen apartment idea:

Wall baskets are the perfect way to store produce, dishes, cooking supplies, or any other kitchen essential. Storing things in a wall basket will keep your things up and off the counter looking clutter free.

You could even just use a wall basket as added wall decor and decorate with plants, cute mugs, and towels.

This is one of those kitchen apartment ideas that is genius for super small apartments. When in a small space, vertical storage and open storage like this is essential! 
4. Bar Cart Recreate this kitchen apartment idea:

Bar carts are a classic kitchen apartment idea that college students and graduates all love. After you have your bar cart in your kitchen, store all your liquor and decorate with picture frames, plants, etc. Cute and easy way to decorate your kitchen on a budget!
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Buy on Wayfair
If you are living in a long term apartment and want a more formal bar cart option, a tall coffee table is the great option. This adds a ton of extra counter space and is great for storing extra cooking supplies and dishes. 

In this photo, they used a large cutting board on the bottom to add a wooden elements which I absolutely love!
6. Organize Your Pantry With Jars And Baskets Recreate this kitchen apartment idea:

How satisfying is an organized pantry? No matter how big or small your pantry is, it is such a good idea to organize it with bins, baskets, and jars. Then, add labels to baskets and jars with tags and stickers to find all your food super easily.

This will make everything in your pantry much easier to find, organize, and easy to tell what is running low.
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If you are living in your apartment for a while, you may want to add more permanent wall shelves. But even if you aren't, you can hang wall shelves that can be removed later. These wall shelves from Amazon are a great way to add extra storage to your kitchen and keep your counter clutter free.

You can decorate it with picture frames, plants, and vase. Or, you can use them to store your less used cooking supplies. Either way wall shelves make a great addition to your kitchen apartment!
8. Use Hooks To Keep Items Off Your Counter Recreate this kitchen apartment idea:

A rod and hooks are another great way to decorate and keep frequently used cooking supplies off your counter but within easy reach. You know I had to pick out the gold rod and hooks but you can use silver or black as well! 

Any utensils, towels, or cutting boards with a hole can be hung and left on this rod for an easy storage and decor option in your kitchen!
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