Laundry rooms are notorious for becoming chaotic and cluttered

It’s easy to let your dirty clothes pile up—especially when the space is difficult to keep clean. But, if you take the time to organize your laundry room, you’re less likely to find yourself swimming in a sea of unwashed laundry.

We’ve poured through the best home organization hacks we could find to bring you this list of our top 30 laundry room organization ideas. From fun DIY projects for keeping your space in order to unique storage ideas like keeping your supplies in glass jars, you’re sure to find tips and tricks that will make you look forward to laundry day.
1. Bag It Up

Hang laundry bags vertically for a space-saving way to sort and store dirty clothes and linens in your laundry room. If you’ve got a large family, have everyone pre-sort clothes into bags hung and labeled especially for whites, darks, colors, delicates, and heavy-duty. Or if you live with older kids that are in charge of washing their own clothes, hang a laundry bag that’s labeled for each member of the family to stash their own clothes until laundry day. Plus, everyone can have their own personalized look, so you never get clothes mixed up.
2. Consolidate
A laundry room can quickly become cluttered with laundry products. Do you really need three kinds of detergent, a stain remover, bleach, color-safe bleach, fabric softener, scent beads, and dryer sheets? All those products take up a lot of valuable space. Instead, try to find one or two products that will get the job done—and take up a lot less room.
3. Counter Space
Often, laundry rooms are little more than an oversized closet with a washer, dryer, and a few shelves. Counter space will be at a premium in your laundry room—if you have any at all. Since you’ll always be in need of a tabletop when doing laundry, one of the most helpful room organization solutions will be to add additional counter space. It’s easy to DIY a counter over the top of your front-loading washer and dryer, but if you’ve got a top-loader, a wall-mounted drop-down table that’s easy to pop up and put away will be a laundry room lifesaver.
4. Where There’s A Wheel, There’s A Way
When it comes to collecting and transporting your laundry from room to room, make things more convenient by using a laundry basket or hamper on wheels. Not only will it be handy around the house, but you can also roll it under a cabinet or into a closet to keep it out of the way.
5. Drying Rack

A must-have in any laundry room, a drying rack will hold anything from your hand-washed delicates to sweaters and damp towels. Most drying racks are free-standing, but if you’re looking for small laundry room ideas and need to free up some floor space, opt for one that’s mounted to the wall, and it can fold or retract out of the way when not in use.
6. Perfect Pegboard
If you’re looking for an easy DIY organization project for your laundry room, look no further than the oh-so-versatile pegboard. No longer just for keeping screwdrivers in order in the garage, a pegboard can be used in practically any room—including the laundry room. Use it to hang your ironing board, drying rack, baskets for detergent, and more. This is also a great place to hang a broom and store your cleaning supplies out of sight but easily accessible.
7. Trap Your Lint
Laundry rooms are often limited on space, leaving no room for a traditional trash can. That leaves you with the dilemma of where to stash dryer lint between loads. If you’re a do-it-yourself, you’ll love this little laundry room hack. Simply hang an outdoor realtor-style brochure holder on the wall by the dryer to hold your pieces of lint. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can paint it to match your home’s decor and even label it with decorative vinyl.
8. Bookshelf Storage
Instead of the wall-mounted laundry room shelving you typically find in the room, maximize your storage space by bringing in a bookshelf instead. Keep laundry baskets, folded blankets, and extra pillows on the lower shelves and store detergent and supplies in wire baskets, bins or buckets where they’re easy to reach.
9. Put Them On A Pedestal
If your laundry room is equipped with front-loading machines, put them up on a pedestal! Not only do they raise your appliance up, making it easier on your back, but they also include a large drawer for storage. Keep your dryer sheets, detergent, and stain removers in the drawers to keep your space organized and decluttered.
10. Glass Jars

If you want your laundry room to look as stylish as the rest of your house, put your laundry soap, detergent pods, clothespins, dryer sheets, and other supplies in large glass jars and mason jars instead of their ugly store containers. They not only look neat and tidy, but they’ll also keep your supplies in reach, so you’ll know when it’s time to replenish them. Be sure to label the jars with what’s inside, and you’ll have the perfect pantry organization hack.
11. Keep ‘Em Separated
Now you don’t have to dread laundry day! You’ll keep dirty clothes off the floor and laundry will always be ready to go if you pre-sort your whites, darks, and colors into a three-section laundry hamper. They are usually portable, with wheels or handles that make them easy to transport from the bedroom to the laundry room and back again.
12. Store Behind The Door
Make the most of the small space behind your laundry room door to stock and store all those supplies you need to keep handy, like bottles of detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and other essentials. When it comes to any room, that space is often overlooked, but it can be a clever place to build some narrow shelves, especially if you’re short on space.
13. Utilize Narrow Spaces
Laundry rooms are notorious for slender areas of wasted space. A small gap between a washer and dryer or the slim space between the washer and the wall can become valuable storage space instead of a trap for lost socks and balls of dryer lint. To take advantage of that wasted space, build or buy a narrow rolling cart that can hold your detergent, an iron, and other laundry supplies. Simply tuck it away when it’s not in use.
14. Divide Your Shelves
Folded clothes, towels, and bedding can quickly become a jumbled mess if simply stacked side-by-side on open shelves. That’s where shelf dividers come in handy. Install the dividers on your laundry room shelves to prevent piles from toppling over and keep all your clean clothes organized until they’re ready to be put away.
15. Ironing Board Storage

No laundry room is complete without an ironing board. But, in a small space, you may find yourself stumped about where to store it. Fortunately, there are plenty of ironing board storage options. An over-the-door ironing board caddy is one example. Or, hang a pair of robe hooks on the wall to neatly hang your ironing board when you’re not using it. If your laundry room is short on cabinet space, too, invest in a wall-mounted laundry cabinet that includes storage space for your iron and ironing board.
16. Turn Spare Change Into Savings
Without fail, you’ll always find loose change someone left in their pockets when you’re washing clothes. Why not turn that spare change into savings? Hang a jar nearby with a sign that says “Keep the change” or put a piggy bank on a shelf near your washer and dryer to collect all the nickels, dimes, quarters, and pennies that end up in your laundry room. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it all adds up.
17. Lost Sock Station
If you’re tired of losing socks when doing your laundry, keep a small basket near your dryer for storing those that come out of the dryer without their mate. Or DIY an adorable lost sock sign by gluing clothespins to a reclaimed wood panel with cute lettering that reads, “Single Socks, Looking For A Sole Mate.” Make it a point to compare single socks after every few loads to see if they’ve finally found each other.
18. Decant Your Detergents
Transfer detergent, fabric softener, and bleach into clear glass beverage dispensers set on a shelf directly above your washing machine. Beverage dispensers that are clearly labeled with what’s inside make it easy to see when supplies are running low. Plus, matching containers lined up are a much more attractive way to display the products you use rather than a shelf full of mismatched bottles and boxes.
19. Retractable Clotheslines
Whether you prefer to air dry your skinny jeans, cashmere sweaters and delicates that don’t dare go in a dryer or you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add instant space for hanging clothes, a retractable clothesline is the perfect space-saving small laundry room solution. Because they’re retractable, indoor clotheslines take up virtually zero space but add tons of storage when needed. Simply tuck them away and out of sight when not in use.
20. Keep Hangers Handy

Rather than keeping empty hangers hung in your closet, keep them in the laundry room where you’ll have them on hand as you need them. A small towel rod or paper towel holder hung directly over your dryer or on the underside of a cabinet is the perfect spot to stash hangers. As clothes come out of the dryer, put them directly on their hangers, making the process of putting away laundry faster and more efficient—and more likely to get done.
21. Repair Station
Designate a special space for scrubbing out stains, repairing rips and tears, or pre-treating especially dirty duds. A bucket or handled caddy that holds stain remover, scrub brushes, and bleach pens can easily be pulled off a shelf and used as needed. Or, a small wall-mounted basket can keep a stain station permanently in place right where you use it.
22. Empty Pockets
We’ve all opened the dryer and pulled out a favorite shirt only to find it glued together with chewing gum or stained with melted crayon. To avoid another clothing disaster, keep a catch-all tray or small basket in your laundry room as a reminder to empty pockets before clothes go into the wash. If you have small kids, consider making it bold, bright, and eye-catching to grab their attention.
23. Out Of Sight
Use an over-the-door storage caddy to sort and store laundry room regulars like cleaning products, stain removers, and scrub brushes neatly, orderly, and out of the way. An over-the-door organizer with basket-style shelves and convenient hanging hooks can be a game-changer in a small laundry room, adding tons of valuable space without taking up any room on the floor.
24. Baskets And Bins
Use labeled baskets or see-through bins to neatly store stuff on laundry room shelving for easy and organized access. While organizing can be done with plastic bins and simple storage cubes, decorative wicker baskets or trendy wire bins are a functional way to keep anything and everything in order while keeping with the stylish look you love. With organization and storage space, your laundry room can be as beautiful as any other room in the house.
25. Rolling Cart

It’s easy to pull clothes from the dryer and toss them into a pile or into a basket with the intention of folding them later. The problem is, it’s also easy to forget about them until they’re a wrinkled mess! When getting your laundry room in shape, a rolling cart that you can bring right up to the dryer for easy folding, sorting, and transport.
26. Vacuum At The Ready
It shouldn’t be a surprise how quickly a laundry room can get messy. Lint rolls around, dirty clothes get piled, and detergent spills are inevitable. Mount a handheld vacuum on the wall nearby to attack any of those little messes that show up. It’s lighter and easier than lugging around your full-sized machine.
27. Install Cabinets
Laundry room cabinets make it easy to keep items stored in your space from looking cluttered. Floor cabinets with countertops create the perfect place for folding while overhead cabinets make use of empty space above your washer and dryer. But, just because cabinet doors hide what’s inside, your cabinets should still be well-organized, functional, and clutter-free. Use lazy susans, baskets, and cabinet organizers so everything is easy to access and it’s not a disaster behind closed cabinet doors.
28. Use A Shoe Organizer
Shoe organizers aren’t just for shoes anymore! The slender shelves or pouches are perfect for storing small items like clothespins, stain removers, scrub brushes, safety pins, sewing kits, and more. Choose a shoe organizer with clear plastic pockets or containers so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for and easy to clean the inevitable spills and stains.
29. Label It
Organization is only effective if it’s easy to find what you’ve neatly sorted and tucked away. To make sure all that hard work wasn’t for naught, add labels to shelves, boxes and baskets that describe exactly what’s inside. While you can label with a simple sticker and marker or go crazy with your label maker, uniform labels will look the most stylish. It’s easy to DIY a set of chalkboard labels that can be wiped clean and re-written as items are rearranged.
30. Think Vertically

Use all available vertical space in a small laundry room for extra storage all the way to the ceiling. Since, like most people, you probably store your step ladder in the laundry room anyway, it’ll be easy to access the lesser-used and seasonal items stashed and stowed up high. This organization idea will be most effective if up-high items are stacked in see-through storage bins or on open shelving so items can easily be identified.

Using the laundry room organization ideas above, you will transform a cluttered laundry room into a functional, organized, and stylish space. Now you can spend less time on your laundry and more time doing the things you love. And, since every well-organized space still needs occasional cleaning, check out these spring cleaning tips to keep your laundry room spick-and-span.

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