I really like having my spices on top of the kitchen counter by the stove

They are easily accessible this way and really make a kitchen look very homey. However, they can take up space and don’t look very well organized at times because I like to use differently sized Mason jars. I did find the answer to this dilemma when I found this awesome video tutorial by Anupama Jha, on YouTube, that described perfectly how to build a little stair step rack to stack spices neatly. The greatest thing about this spice rack is the fact that you can see all of the spices clearly because the stair-step effect creates risers for your treasured spices.
Materials For The DIY Stair-Step Spice Organizer: Some styrofoam, (like a TV box insert) A ruler A marking pen, (like a Sharpie, whatever you have will work) Ordinary white glue Packing tape A sharp knife, (or an Exacto) Shelf paper (to cover the stair-set spice rack) Directions:
In this awesome video tutorial by Anupama Jha, on YouTube, you will learn how to make this easy stair-step spice rack in a few easy steps.
Image By: Anupama Jha Via Youtube
Then, you will cover the styrofoam steps, like you are wrapping a present. It is really that easy y’all, and also so cheap! 
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This is such a cool idea, I just love this stair-step spice rack.
DIY Stair-Step Spice Organizer
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