How can I repair a granite countertop where multpile chunks have broken off?

A mirror door on the bathroom medicine cabinet broke off and took out a good chunk of granite countertop on the bathroom sink fixture. We're not talking about a crack or chip, not something small. We're talking about a good 3 or 4 multiple big chunks, all from the edge.

It looks something like this but about 3 times more damage.


Or this:

Does Home Depot or Lowes have people who can repair countertops, or should I go Google searching for professionals in my area?

If I choose to do this myself, any idea on how and where I'd start? I'm more of a person good with electronics and computers. I wouldn't call myself a home improvement handyman type of guy but I'm willing to try and be patient and learn.
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Bathroom Granite Countertops Repair Damage