Celebrating of 20 years of Professional Organizing and Productivity

congrats on 20 years

In 2000, I read an article in the Houston Chronicle about the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and professional organizing. The rest is history. Its Professional-Organizer.coms platinum anniversary!

Since 2000, the organizing and productivity industry has changed. Its not only about organizing stuff. Just a few of the niches I work in with my clients with ADHD range from organizing spaces, to organizing families, to helping those with chronic disorganization,to organizing papers, to coaching about productivity, to coordinating teams and facilitating strategic small business conversations. My work is about simplifying and strategizing, helping my clients reach the goals they have defined.

Let the glass clinking begin with this celebration!

I celebrate the benefits that we together create. Theres a lot to be worried about in our universe and creating order and simplicity helps you keep calm and carry on. Each of us us knows that keeping it simple sweetie helps us follow through on our core values. My clients hold dear family, connections,

I celebrate with my clients on their big and small successes. The size of the success is in the clients goals and perspectives. Success includes keeping the kitchen counter clear of paper to tracking with dates for work life integration.

I celebrate my connections. Its all about relationships and support. Support is an essential element in our lives. By bringing ongoing support to my clients, they have someone to turn to in overwhelming, difficult, complex situations.

I celebrate my industry. We are professionals with high standards of ethics, client focus, and education. My Certified Professional Organizer credential shares that I value this for myself and my clients. Our industry has grown to service so many in so many ways.

Thank you to each of you for our connection and our collaboration!

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