As any beauty enthusiast and hair styling lover will tell you, the tools that if often takes to create the perfect style and make you feel and look your best can be an investment

That’s why it’s worth taking care of them once you’ve got them. Besides that, they can also really start to pile up if you’re the kind of person who likes to use different tools here and there to get different styles, meaning they can also cause clutter on your bathroom counter or your vanity.
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This is where hair tool organizers come in to save the day! We’ve been spending some time lately gathering the best hair tool organizers we can find from quality brands and looking at all of their features to figure out which ones really have what we need, and maybe even what you need.
How to organize hair tools?
If you’re the kind of well groomed person who owns several hair tools and loves using them everyday but could do a better job of keep them organized, this list is for you.
Check out these ten hair tool organizer designs that we’ve read up on and compared in order to help you figure out which one might be the best purchase for you. 1. mDesign metal wire cabinet hair care organizer

If you’re looking for simplicity in terms of both use and aesthetic then this wire hair tool organizer from mDesign might just be the best choice for you right off the bat. It’s a wall mounted rack that will get your tools not only up off the counters but higher up, where you can reach for them easily but your kids and pets can’t. Its upper rings hold all manner of hair tools in place well, while the basket below either supports their weight or keeps their cords in place. The simple black wire suits essentially any interior decor or colour scheme.

Because of the vertical construction of this organizer and the fact that it bears most of its weight at the top, this rack does need to be wall mounted. Simply setting it on your counter risks tipping it, even if you lean it against the wall. You should also be mindful of the fact that heating your tools up inside the rack or putting the, back before they’ve cooled might also heat up the wire, so don’t burn yourself.
View price on Amazon2. Jack Cube Design hair dryer holder and product organizer

If the previous talk of minimalism caught your attention but you’re also looking for a slightly more modern aesthetic, then you might find what you’re looking for a little more closely in this streamlined organizer from Jack Cube Design. This countertop hair tool storage is shaped with good solidity, which basically eliminates any rick of the rack tipping. Its tool cups are also lined with heat resistant resin as an extra safety feature and to avoid melting. At the front, you’ll find a convenient section, like a drawer that stays open, where you can store the hair products you most commonly use when you’re styling, so they’re on hand right by your tools.

Because this rack is not one that can be wall mounted, it’s worth noting that it requires some measure of counter space, or another close by surface to sit on, so you’ll have to make sure you have the space for its dimensions. It also only has three cylindrical cups for styling tools, so it’s best used by people who only own or regularly use a few that they want to keep on hand.
View price on Amazon3. Simple Houseware cabinet door hanging organizer

Were you rather intrigued indeed by the wire storage rack we showed you earlier but you’re just not sure that the black coating is quite the look you’re going for? Then perhaps you’re prefer this metallic version of the same cylinder and basket setup offered by Simple Houseware. This design is a better choice to people who do want to keep their styling tools out of the way but who don’t feel confident doing actual wall mounting like the previous design required. Instead, this rack features hooks at the top that affix it over the top of a vanity, cupboard, or bathroom door, making it much easier to install.

Like the previous black rack we showed you, this organizer requires that you do hang it properly rather than setting or leaning it, to ensure that it doesn’t tip. You’ll also want to be careful that the wire of the rack doesn’t heat up if you put a hot tool back before it has cooled. Finally, you’ll not that this rack only has three storage rings instead of two, so it’s slightly more limited in its capacity.
View price on Amazon4. Jack Cube Design hair dryer holder and product organizer in black

Are you still thinking about how much you loved the idea and design of the cubic countertop rack we showed you earlier on our list but you’re just not sure white is the best choice because you’re worried it will get dirty or discoloured sitting on your bathroom counter around your family? Then perhaps you’ll get along better with the black version, also provided by Jack Cube Design!

The pros and cons of this design versus the previous version we showed you are largely the same, except that the darker shade of the plastic this version is made from is less likely to be marred by other products being used around it. Black plastic can, however, show scratching better. This rack is quite durable, but you’ll still want to take care of it in order to avoid marks.
View price on Amazon5. Polder style station

Beyond the basic goal of storage, are you primarily concerned with safety when it comes to using hot hair tools, since you have little kids and several pets? Then perhaps this countertop rack from Polder is the better choice for you. This rack is created with heat absorption and safety in mind, which is why the metal grill (which doesn’t heat up thanks to the distance between the tools and the outer sides that’s kept by the top circular openings) was created with holes that let hot air out and help the tools cool down effectively. The holes in the top are specifically sized for a hair straightener, a blow dryer, and a curling wand, rod, or iron.

Once again, this design needs a little bit of spare counter or nearby space because it is not one that can be wall mounted or hung on the back of a door, out of the way. It also only has space for three tools and the dimensions are designed quite specifically, so evaluate whether your collection of regularly used tools is actually suited to its spaces.
View price on Amazon6. Besti wooden hair dryer holder

Are you still thinking about how much you enjoyed the cubically shaped countertop rack but you’re just not sure that the rather modern and minimalist look of their black and white plastic options will suit the bathroom you worked hard to build a particular rustic aesthetic in? Then perhaps you’d prefer this wooden version from Besti that’s a little more farmhouse chic! The stand is solid and strong, making it resistant to damage and tipping, and it also features that great product holding space at the front.

Be aware that this design has metal lined cylinder cups in the top instead of plastic or resin ones, making them more likely to heat up if you put your hair tools back before they’ve cooled or heat the, while they’re still in the rack. It also only comes with three storage spaces, so the number of tools you can store is limited compared to some other racks.
View price on Amazon7. mDesign farmhouse style bathroom cabinet hanger

Did we almost catch your attention when we started talking about an aesthetic that might suit a slightly more farmhouse chic room but you’re in need of a rack that’s a little smaller and can be stored much more discreetly, since your bathroom is very small indeed? Then we’d encourage you to consider this one from mDesign! This is another hanging rack, designed to hook over the door of a cupboard under the sink, or a small linen closet in the room. Its lovely copper finish looks nicely old fashioned and the higher sides of its basket hold the tools or products upright on either side, while a coil in the centre keeps one steady in the centre.

As with any metal rack intended to store hot tools, watch out for heated wire if you put the tools back before they’ve fully cooled; this copper won’t heat dramatically, but it never hurts to mind your fingers. This rack and basket are also a little smaller than most of the ones you’ve seen so far.
View price on Amazon8. Jack Cube Design wall mounted hair tool rack

Are you still thinking about your appreciation for a clean, white, modern looking tool rack but you really don’t have room for a countertop design like the cubic one we showed you? Then check out this similarly streamlined and chic but wall mounted alternative, once again from Jack Cube Design. This three-cylinder rack is wall mounted rather than meant to sit upright and the cups are lined with the same heat resistant resin plastic for safety. Unlike many wall racks, this piece only features metal wire on the sides where it won’t touch the hot tools, so there’s much less chance that any part of the rack itself will heat up.

Because this rack can’t really be set on the countertop without risk of it tipping backwards once it’s filled, it does require a it of effort in installation, since a bit of drilling is necessary. This might be a small challenge to someone who has never wall mounted anything before, but it’s by no means an impossible task.
View price on Amazon9. iHEBE adhesive wall mounted dryer hanger

Are you convinced that you’d benefit most from a wall mounted design, since you have extremely limited countertop space to work with, but you really don’t have experience wall mounting things and you’re hesitant to start drilling into your wall? Then iHEBE has just the answer for you. Their durable resin cast plastic tool storage unit is self adhesive on the back, allowing to stick flush to the wall with a stronghold but non-damaging temporary glue that’s guaranteed not to take the paint off if you remove the unit.

This unit works best for people who only really use one or two tools at a time, owing to the fact that it only features two storage cylinders; those who want to store more things on the wall as well would need to purchase more than one rack or prioritize which ones they’ll store in which ways.
View price on Amazon10. Vanity Storage Solutions wooden appliance box

Are you convinced that the best place to store your hair tools is under the sink because it reduces clutter, makes things look neater, and keeps them out of reach of your kids, but you’ve tried hooked racks on your cupboard doors before and they’ve never closed properly? Then perhaps you’d do better with this drawer-style wooden organizer from Vanity Storage Solutions. Besides the fact that it can hold three different sized tools and has a cubby on one end for brushes and products, this design also features a strip on one side that you can tuck the plugs and cords of your tools down into. The based or tracks on which the little drawer sits is smooth and easy to pull out.

The only catch here is that this system, though otherwise nearly ideal, keeps your tools lower down to the ground rather than higher up. This means that they’re still at the height of and within reach of kids, and you’ll also have to bend down to reach them, which is a physical requirement that might not be friendly to some people with movement limitations.
View price on AmazonHair styling tool organizer: FAQ How can we solve hair tool clutter?
If you ask us, the best way to keep your hair styling tools in their best working order and also stop them from taking up way more space in your bathroom or bedroom than they should is to store them properly. There are all kinds of solutions for storing your hair tools, including a few awesome DIY options, but we only have time to make our own storage solutions occasionally.

There’s no harm in buying a pre-made organizer for something important when you know you’ll use it all the time and really get your money’s worth, especially if you’re confident that the one you purchase really does have everything you need.
Why use a hair tool organizer?
Storing your hair tools in some kind of organizer unit has all kinds of benefits. Firstly, it will declutter your space, stopping the tools from taking up the whole counter or vanity around the mirror where you usually style your hair and therefore making space for other things.

It also stops your tools from getting damaged. If they’re stored properly, you face a much smaller change that the cords of the appliances will get tangled or that they’ll fall off a crowded counter onto a hard floor and break. You’ll also never lose them if you always know exactly where they are, conveniently placed within reach.
Hair tool safety
As any parent or pet owner will tell you, kids and animals can find their way into just about anything. Storing your hair tools in an organizer and placing it where you can easily reach it but small hands or mouths can’t keeps things that often use extreme heat levels out of reach, reducing the risk of anyone burning themselves.

Cords can also be dangerous around children and animal, so storing your hair tools properly minimizes the number of ch0king hazards in your house.
Which kind of organizer is best for you?
Choosing the kind and structure of hair tool rack that’s best for you depends on a few personal factors. You might want to consider the most convenient height for your tools to sit at for accessibility for you but also safety if you have animals or kids.

You might also think about how much countertop space you have versus what the wall space in your styling area is like in order to pick whether you’ll get one that mounts or one that sits. We’d also suggest evaluating how many tools you use on a regular basis so you can purchase a rack that has enough spots for the things you’d like to keep on hand.
Do you know another DIY beauty enthusiast who has been looking for a great hair tool organizer but who is having trouble choosing? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of suggestions to consider.

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