Another Small Home Improvement Project - Main Bathroom Paint, Trim & Wainscoting

This forty year old bathroom got a complete makeover back in 1995.  New tile tub surround, new floor, new paint and a new countertop.  A few years later I got up the nerve and painted the vanity nautical blue.  Over the years I've decorated with various colors of towels, shower curtains and rugs as well as all kinds of knick knacky sorts of things.
One big blank wall
Some holes to fill
A couple nail pops to address
I've long dreamed of adding more architectural details in this bathroom just like I've done in most of the other rooms in our home.  Adding trim just seems to make a world of difference by taking the plain and ordinary to something much more.  The simple addition of some trim makes our home look richer and more expensive.  It is one of those details that really transforms a space.
Taking my time to make sure my measurements are correct
These girls learned how to install trim
The bathroom was pretty much a blank slate.  The bathroom door and door jamb was the only demolition required in here.  Once that mess was cleaned up I got busy and put up some trim along the ceiling.  I love the decorative trim pieces in the corners so those were added in here as well.
Trim is installed
Wainscoting going up
Install completed
We had most of a roll of beadboard wallpaper leftover from our entry way renovation and even though we used it to update our dining room, which looks amazing, we still had quite a bit left.  It was the perfect amount to add a wainscot wall to our bathroom.  I also had enough trim in the garage for the chair rail.  So we put it up!  And wow!
And then we caulk
For a flawless finish
Caulk fills in any gaps or unevenness along the ceiling and walls
The wainscotting really changed the look of this one big blank wall we had in there giving it a whole new look and adding interest.  This room has always been kind of cool and boring.  Now it seems much warmer and there is plenty for the eye to take in without it being too busy in there.
And then we paint
And paint
And paint some more
I stuck with my usual Pure White semi gloss paint by Behr.  We discussed colors, looked at colors, but at the end of the day decided that because the room isn't overly large we'd stick with white and decorate to add color.  Leaving it white does keep it open and bright, especially as there are no windows in here for any natural light, and it keeps our options wide open for adding color with decor.
Taking a break between tasks
All done!  Phew!  We made it!
The vanity turned out beautifully!
The vanity adds a nice warmth to the room too, so not a complete oasis of white.  I think the paint colors we chose all tie together nicely with each other.  Now I get to put it all back together and that part is super exciting! #OurHome #CraftsAndProjects
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