7 Space-Saving Items You Can Buy From Lazada

If you love cooking but continuously find yourself grappling with space, know that you're not alone. The struggle is real. That's why there are items you can buy to maximize space in your tiny kitchen. You'll be surprised at how much space you actually have with a little help from some ingenious products. Plus, you can buy these items all on Lazada so it's pretty hassle-free.
Photo by Courtesy of Lazada 1 Maximize your under-the-sink cabinet with an adjustable rack.
Cabinet Organizer

Price: P349

The space under your sink is typically hidden away by a cabinet. However, it always tends to look like a mess. However, when properly organized, you can fully utilize this space. This adjustable cabinet organizer rack will help you put shelves into that odd space that’s sure to fit around your sink’s piping.
Photo by Courtesy of Lazada 2 Maximize narrow spaces in between furniture and appliances with a rolling pantry.
Rolling Pantry

Price: P648

Do you know that odd space between your counter and the refrigerator? Don’t let it just be that odd place that random items keep falling into. Maximize it with this 3-4 tier rolling pantry. You can keep unopened cans, condiments that don’t need refrigeration, and spice bottles there. You can easily slide it right out to easily access the things inside it and slide it back in neatly.
Photo by Courtesy of Lazada 3 Maximize your deep cabinets and turn them into drawers.
Basket Drawers

Price: P325

Cabinets are great for big items, but sometimes, you need to fit in smaller items and that can be troublesome. If you’ve packed multiple rows of cans and bottles, you might forget the bottles at the back portion altogether or have to repeatedly take out everything in front just to gain access to the back.

A quick way to solve this predicament is by using these non-skid basket drawers. This way, you can slide out the contents in one go so you can easily see what’s in the back. It also lets you maximize vertical space by having two tiers.
Photo by Courtesy of Lazada 4 Maximize your refrigerator top with this pocketed slip.
Polyester Slip

Price: P99

This polyester slip you put on top of your refrigerator won’t just keep it free from dust, it also gives you these pockets to hang ballpens, recipe notes, receipts, and other little things on.
Photo courtesy of One plus International Trading Inc. 5 Maximize those corners with this corner shelf.
Corner shelf

Price; P768

Have an odd corner in your kitchen? Fit this affordable shelf right in to carry more of your pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils.
Photo Courtesy of Digital Times Square 6 Maximize your sink space with this insert. 
Chopping Board/Container

Price: P699

For P699, you get a chopping board, a drain, and a container all in one that not just makes prepping a lot easier and cleaner, but it also latches on top of your sink to give you that precious extra counter space. If you barely have a place to place your chopping board, this is the perfect solution.
Photo courtesy of Elena Accessories 7 Maximize counter space with more shelving.

Price: P299

A microwave on your counter can take up a lot of space. This adjustable shelf can fit right on top of it and give you shelves to use up that space.

Kitchen space is precious and you need to make strategic steps to ensure that you make the most of it, no matter how big or small your kitchen may be. These affordable items are sure to help you utilize your kitchen to its fullest and will give you all the space you you didn't even know you needed.