6 Cool And Kitschy Kitchen Trends To Try This Fall

Does your kitchen feel a little bland and boring? Are you ready for a change but don’t know what you want? Indulging in a new trend can sometimes seem scary. Sure, you love it today – but will you regret it tomorrow? While many home trends can quickly come in and out of style, kitchen trends tend to have more staying power. They’re here for the decade not just the minute. So you can confidently dive in to any of these kitchen trends knowing that your update will be as relevant in 2030 as in 2020.
Colorful Kitchen Appliances
Say goodbye to basic! Kitchen appliances have broken free from their standard neutral finishes and are now flaunting every color of the rainbow. This new color opportunity allows homeowners to play with their color scheme in a totally new way. If your appliances are in need of an update, swap them out for this new retro look.

Stainless Farmhouse Sink
As homes become more transitional, we are seeing different themes intertwine to create beautiful kitchen designs. One of our favorites is a modern country theme. This design style melds the charm of a country theme with the sleek minimalism of a modern kitchen. One great example of this hybrid is a stainless farmhouse sink. Equal parts country and modern, this element will add the perfect touch to your transitional kitchen.
Bright Blues / Gem Greens
Appliances aren’t the only part of the kitchen that’s craving color. Bold, vibrant colors like blue and green are becoming the hues of choice in kitchens. From jewel-toned walls and backsplashes to bar cabinets and stools, color is trending all over the kitchen. Bring some of this brightness into your home this fall.
Custom Kitchens
Today’s customization possibilities are limitless. You can literally pick out a color swatch and purchase an oven in that exact shade. This rise in personalization means manufacturers are much more flexible and homeowners are able to customize their kitchens in almost any way imaginable — including custom paint colors for cabinets! If you have some far out ideas in mind, fill out our free room design form and let’s get to work. From bar cabinets for your man cave to a colorful mudroom for your four-legged friends, we’ve got you covered.

Storage Walls
Not all kitchens have pantries, but they do have walls. Installing floor to ceiling cabinets is the new way to up your kitchen storage game without knocking down any walls. We know you’ve been lusting over those super-organized pantries filling your Instagram feed. While that wish might have to wait if you don’t have a pantry, you can still up your cabinet game in the meantime.
Better Backsplashes
A backsplash has always been one of our favorite elements in the kitchen — and this year they will be better than ever. Backsplashes are getting more interesting, innovative, and functional. From super chic countertop extensions to the addition of sleek shelves, backsplashes are far from boring in 2019. This easy DIY project is a quick and proven way to give your kitchen a little glitz with minimal investment.


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