5 Best K-Cup Organizers for Drawers in 2021

Corey Turner

August 1, 2021


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No, it’s not your coffee creamer that’s going to make your coffee seem sweeter. It’s your brand new K-Cup drawer organizer that will.

Once you create a dedicated drawer to your favorite coffee pods, you’ll be set for your morning brew.

If you’re a hard-core coffee drinker like me, you need a K-Cup holder drawer insert to give coffee pods that permanent home they deserve.

There’s tons of great products dedicated to the storage and organization of coffee pods. By the end of this round-up, I’m sure we’ll have proved it to you.

Best K-Cup Holder Drawer Inserts

So, what was my number one K-Cup holder drawer insert pick? Hands-down, it goes to the inserts from Polar Whale.

Coffee pod drawer organizer storage is a fairly broad topic, so in this article we’ll dive into a few awesome ideas to declutter your countertop.

Let’s get into it, shall we…

1. Polar Whale - Foam Coffee Pod Organizer

These awesome foam K-Cup holders come in a variety of sizes and configurations for all types of drawers. If need a quick solution to drawer organization, you have to check out the Polar Whale solutions.

With the various sizes available, you can just drop this right in your drawer. There is no cutting needed at all. The foam is waterproof and is made in the USA.

The smallest option is 4.5″ wide and holds 10 K-Cups and then the largest one is 20″ wide and holds 72 K-Cups!

One thing to watch out for though is the inner height dimension of your drawer. Make sure there is enough clearance for the drawer to close without hitting the top of the pods. The good news here, is that Polar Whale has both a 1″ and 2″ height options for shallow drawers.

Polar Whale - Coffee Pod Storage Organizer Drawer Insert

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2. Lynk Professional - Coffee Pod Tray

I like quality products just as much as the next guy. And Lynk usually makes some of the better products when it comes to home organization.

Their heavy gauge steel K-Cup organizer can be used for spice jars and coffee pods. If you’ve got a spare drawer of at least 11″, this organizer would be a great addition to your kitchen and coffee routine.

Lynk Professional - Steel Coffee Pod Tray 6-Tier

Steel drop-in tray holds 30 coffee pods. Works with 11″ width or bigger drawers. Dimensions are 10-3/16″ W x 15-7/8″ L x 1-1/4″ H.

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3. Wobivcs - DIY Coffee Pod Storage Organizer

Similar to the Polar Whale coffee pod organizer, the Wobivcs version is made of waterproof foam. The main difference is that these can be configured to your drawer size.

The longer section made for six pods can disconnect from the rest and be used as a standalone holder.

Keep in mind, the height of the inner drawer must be higher than 1.85 inches.

Wobivcs - Foam Coffee Pod Drawer Insert

Made from military-grade closed-cell polyethylene foam, holds 33 coffee pods and measures 14.2″ x 11.8″ x 1.18″.

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4. Rev-A-Shelf - Cut-to-Size Coffee Pod Insert

This is perfect for decluttering the countertop and moving all your K-Cups into the drawer. It can hold 30 K-Cups and even has some extra storage in the back for creamer, sugar or mixing straws.

Grab a tape measure and make sure it’ll fit with the inside drawer dimensions. This is a solid piece of wood maple that will need to be trimmed to fit your drawer. It comes as 16 inches wide x 19-3/4 inches deep x 2-3/8 inches tall.

You may need to trim off a little bit on both sides or a in the back to make it fit snug. Overall though, it’s an awesome DIY idea for coffee pod organization.

Rev-A-Shelf - Solid Wood Custom Kitchen Drawer Insert

Get a custom look and feel, may require some assembly, five tiers for easy searching.

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5. DecoBros. - Countertop K-Cup® Storage Drawer

For those wanting quick access to their go-to K-Cups in the morning, this DecoBros countertop drawer is a simple add-on.

There is no cutting or trimming to fit the inside of a cabinet drawer. One extra feature is that you can just place the Keurig machine directly on top of the drawer storage.

DecoBros. - K-Cup Storage Drawer Holder

Holds 36 pods, easily slides in and out, can be stacked one on top of another, integrated finger pull, back stop to prevent drawer from over-extending.

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Our Takeaway...

Clearly this is more of a niche type of organizer. There are just so many K-Cup solutions for countertops that we thought we’d add a few ideas to get a permanent solution to your drawer or counter spaces.

For the in-drawer options, it will take a bit more time to triple check measurements or to trim one down to size, but it certainly creates more space and declutters the countertop.

So, after taking a look at these, we’ve found that our first choice, the Polar Whale foam holders were best. For the cost and custom look, they will get the job done with lots of storage options for every Keurig lover.

All the trim to fit options are also great solutions for someone who wants a DIY project. Or for those looking for a quick fix, the K-Cup carousel is an awesome product.

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