2019 Holiday Gift Guide: 50+ Gifts Ideas for Almost Everyone on Your List!

Its time for my fourth annual holiday gift guide. Every year I put together one post with lots of holiday gift ideas for almost everyone on your list.I realize that some of you have likely completed your holiday shopping by now. This holiday gift guide is for my fellow shopping procrastinators.

Every year I think to myself that Im going to start earlier, and every year I find myself in the same last-minute shopping situation. I have been at the mall on Christmas Eve more times than I care to admit. Seriously though, I like the hustle and bustle of doing it a little later.

Im excited about this gift guide! Dare I say its my best one yet?

  • My sweet grandmother loves these microfiber hair towels. They are super absorbent and easy to use.
  • One can never go wrong with a super soft throw to snuggle up in. This one has amazing reviews and comes in tons of colors.
  • Loving tabletop games: corn hole, tic tac toe, tumbling tower game.
  • This wake-up light alarm clock is super cool, and a great way to get your phone out of your bedroom and to enjoy a gentler, more natural wakeup.
  • Diffusers and essential oils arent going anywhere, and make for a much safer way to add fragrance to your house than air fresheners or candles. This diffuser is so pretty and would make for great decor in addition to its oil diffusing.
  • I am ordering some of these Chatbooks for my family as an easy way to compile and share photos of Finn.
  • If youre down with smart devices in your home, the Google Nest Home Max is amazing! Its currently on a great sale at Home Depot.

  • One of my current teacher trainees has a Dyson hair dryer and she passes it around for all of us to use on training weekends. They are pricey but pretty awesome!
  • Silk pillowcases are supposed to be great for your hair and skin. This one is highly rated and comes in many colors!
  • Who doesnt love bath salts? And for showers, how about shower steamers that release aromatherapy?
  • I am shocked that fanny packs are having a moment right now. I can actually get on board with this fanny pack/crossbody hybrid. Its chic, simple and can also be monogrammed.
  • Gloves that you can text in. These are super affordable and basic. These are leather with cashmere lining.
  • The Rachel Hollis Start Today journal for manifesting your biggest and best life!
  • I think Corkcicle wine and champagne tumblers are the best!
  • What gal doesnt love to play with makeup palettes? I love this one from Beauty Counter (not affiliated with them in any way just wanted to offer a clean choice). For the friend who truly sparkles, this one is pretty awesome.
  • NEED this Ugg blanket and eye mask travel set for my next big trip.
  • And while were talking UGGs, I think this is the year I finally need to invest in Ugg slippers. The $10 slippers that I bought a couple of months ago are already falling apart.

  • How fun, portable and useful is this chair?
  • Anyone else think guys look so cute in a sporty puffer jacket? This one looks great and is 50% off right now. This one is is a bit more traditional.
  • Sleek backback for travel and daily use. Spluge. More reasonable.
  • Airpods for day-to-day general use or Powerbeats Pro for heavy workout use.
  • For keeping all of their cords and tech things organized on the go this portable cord organizer is great.
  • A four-pack ofTiles for keeping track of anything they might easily misplace.
  • This is not necessarily a guy-specific thing but keeping devices charged is a big deal! I love this wireless charger for ease of charging and this portable charger for charging on the go.

  • Compression socks might look a little dorky but do they ever feel good.
  • iPhone arm bands seem dated but there are some really good ones out there.
  • These wet bagsare so useful for transporting sweaty clothes from the gym or hot yoga studio home without wasting plastic bags.
  • I am obsessed with this yoga mat.
  • These are the best sunglasses for active people! I want them in like 5 more colors!
  • I think gifting someone Classpass for a few months or year would be amazing if you know they enjoy taking different fitness classes and they live in a good market for it.
  • You could also gift them a yoga or fitness app subscription for a year.

Okayhappy shopping! And remember, if shopping and buying just arent working for you this year from an energetic or budgetary level, rememberexperiences, quality time and written words are wonderful too.

Merry, merry!

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